Sarawak Rainforest - RARE Liberica coffee beans accounts for less than 2% of commercially-produced coffee worldwide.

What’s so special about Liberica?

Originating from Liberia in West Africa, the Liberica coffee plant produces larger, irregular-shaped cherries compared to Arabica plants. It’s said to have a floral and fruity aroma, but when made into coffee, has a full-bodied, woody taste.

The caffeine concentration of liberica beans is the lowest of the three cultivars, with 1.23 g/100 g, where arabica has 1.61 g/100 g and Robusta has 2.26 g/100 g.

It’s incredibly smooth, low-acid, free of bitterness and intensely flavorful. Robusta is ideal for making iced coffee since it can stand up to any amount of milk and even sugar. Liberica are huge coffee berries characterized by having a smoky, nutty, dark chocolate notes when roasted or brewed.

Out of all the types of coffee plants, Liberica produces the biggest beans. The flavour profile is unique, and is described as smoky, nutty, floral with hints of dark chocolate, ripe berry and spice. It is favoured for its smooth aftertaste and lingering taste of rich dark chocolate.

Liberica coffee taste

It’s known to have a metallic, woody taste, and is generally a little bitter. Recent efforts by groups in Malaysia and Germany have produced crops that are challenging this assumption, leading to promising results. A few crops have been produced that are actually sweeter than a typical Arabica.

Liberica has a strong and unique flavor, with some people saying that you either "love or hate it, with no in between”. Those who love the taste of Liberica coffee appreciate the smokey and chocolatey taste of the coffee, particularly because the taste is accompanied by floral and spicy undertones.


LIBERICA coffee beans have a lot of great benefits! They’re packed with antioxidants, which can help improve your overall health. They also contain caffeine, which can give you a much-needed energy boost during the day. And last but not least, they taste great! So next time you’re looking for a delicious and nutritious coffee bean, be sure to pick up some LIBERICA beans.

Fight skin problems: The caffeine and chlorogenic acids (CGA) contained in coffee beans can help reduce inflammation due to skin problems such as eczema, acne and psoriasis. Additionally, coffee grounds are promising for fighting skin infection diseases given the antimicrobial properties of their CGA and caffeine.

source of nutrients and antioxidants that may benefit the skin, scalp, and hair. A person can use it to exfoliate, treat acne, increase blood flow, and balance pH levels.

It contains caffeine and chlorogenic acid. The caffeine in coffee works by stimulating the central nervous system (CNS), heart and muscles. Chlorogenic acid can affect blood vessels and how the body regulates blood sugar and metabolism. People commonly drink coffee to increase mental alertness.


"A LIBERICA COFFEE BEANS all-effects is a product that includes a healthy serving of coffee, cream, sugar and other ingredients for a caffeine-free pick-me-up.”

A moderate intake of coffee may enhance weight loss, cognitive function, and alertness. Caffeine may have a negative impact on pregnancy, fertility, glucose control, and other aspects of health. Energy drinks can contain high levels of caffeine but are unlikely to be hazardous unless consumed with alcohol.