The Legacy

The Story began in the 19th Century

Caffè Carraro Legacy


Caffè Carraro Legacy

Gaetano Carraro, in his small store in Schio (VI),  started selling green coffee beans for roasting in domestic fireplaces.


Caffè Carraro Legacy

Mario, his son, created the first roasting lab, where the green coffee was roasted and packed. Subsequently he founded the first workshop for roasting and packaging coffee on an industrial scale.


Caffè Carraro Legacy

Caffè Carraro moved to a new factory in SS. Trinità, roasting and blending 120 tonnes of coffee yearly.


Caffè Carraro Headquarter Schio Industrial

Since its humble beginning, Caffè Carraro has roasted and blended more than 76 million tonnes of great coffee.

Today this exceptional Carraro sensation is available not only to Italian connoisseurs, but also to international coffee lovers worldwide.

It is now available in Singapore in various blends and single origin as freshly roasted coffee beans, ground coffee, Nespresso® and Dolce Gusto® compatible capsules.